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  • Broadcast an innovation by building your brand

    Published Jun 17, 2015

    When his thesis was finally complete, Henrik Uggla wished to write about the research in his own way. The results became a best-seller in brand building. Henrik Uggla, Associate Professor of Strategic...

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  • Emissions remain high, despite reductions

    Business air travel has to be reduced further if KTH is going to reach its long-term environmental goals, says Göran Finnveden. (Photo: TT)
    Published Jun 12, 2015

    Internal carbon taxes and a discussion concerning those researchers and teachers who really need to travel; these are just a few of the proposals for reducing KTH’s carbon footprint. Even if the emiss...

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  • Strategic investment yields progress

    Researcher Emma Hansson at work at SciLifeLab. The research environment in molecular life sciences received the highest ratings in an evaluation of strategic research. (Photo: SciLifeLab)
    Published May 25, 2015

    Two strategic research areas at KTH Royal Institute of Technology attain the very highest grade, world class, in a recent evaluation. The other research areas have a little way still to catch up.

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  • Improvement in quality follows evaluation

    Published May 12, 2015

    Several of KTH's previously disapproved study programmes were approved in the spring's follow-up assessments by the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ). The last in the series was the master's pr...

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  • Shared leadership yields strong results

    Shared leadership has a positive effect on the research results, according to the management team of ECO2 Vehicle Design - (from left) Gunilla Efraimsson, Jenny Jerrelind and Ciarán O'Reilly. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Apr 29, 2015

    Inspiring, encouraging development and fostering real team spirit: within the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design, the principle of shared and rotating leadership is applied. A model that provides ideal so...

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  • Max Tegmark to receive KTH Great Prize

    Published Apr 29, 2015

    Physicist and cosmologist Max Tegmark has been named the recipient of this year's Great Prize from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The Swedish scientist, who is a professor of physics at MIT, follo...

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  • Finding new ways to make a difference

    What is the impact of KTH research and education on the community. An investigation has dug deeper into the question and developed a strategy. (Photos: Jann Lipka, Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Apr 14, 2015

    Research and education which makes a difference to society must have higher status at KTH. New career openings and more money are available for those who commit themselves to this undertaking, accordi...

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  • Publishing should reach the right researchers

    Published Apr 09, 2015

    Which kind of journal is better to publish in: a lower-ranked publication that at least reaches a relevant audience of researchers, or a highly-ranked journal that your colleagues don’t read. In this ...

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  • Openness — a matter of course?

    Are you allowed to openly criticise your place of work? According to investigations carried out by ST - The Union of Civil Servants, state workplaces have become less transparent in recent years. (Photo: TT Bild)
    Published Mar 24, 2015

    Openness is an ideal that is often lauded by both employers and employees. Co-workers should feel comfortable criticising, drawing attention to deficiencies and making suggestions for improvements in ...

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  • Focus on students' most important issues

    Teaching culture differ both between and within institutions. (Photo: Jann Lipka)
    Published Mar 20, 2015

    Students believe that pedagogy – the theory and practice of teaching – is the most pressing educational issue. But the teaching quality at different higher education institutions varies greatly. Johan...

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  • Creative efforts to attract new talent

    Stable funding awaits the young researchers who start as Assistant Professors at KTH. (Photo: Kristopher Grunert/TT)
    Published Feb 27, 2015

    There’s no quick fix where scientific excellence is concerned. Now KTH is making a major effort to capture budding young talent – one part of the jigsaw in establishing KTH amongst the world’s 100 for...

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  • Blog spreads KTH's research globally

    Published Feb 26, 2015

    The Stockholm Technology Blog is a new, start-up blog by KTH's international press secretary, David Callahan. Why are you doing it?

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  • Researcher inspired by Pope's statement

    Published Feb 23, 2015

    Fredrik Lundell’s first blog post in the Swedish Research Council’s journal should really have been about his research. But then the Pope intervened.

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  • Grillner elected Dean of Faculty

    Katja Griller won 60 percent of the support of voting teachers in last week's election. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Feb 10, 2015

    Architecture Professor Katja Grillner was elected Dean of Faculty for the next four years. The nominating committee's slate also carried the election with double the turnout of previous years.

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  • More job security, less administration

    No teacher should have to seek external funding to finance their own position, says Per Berglund. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Feb 03, 2015

    Per Berglund wants more secure working conditions for teachers, and preferably a lighter administrative burden to bear. After a period as Vice-Dean of Faculty, he is ready to invest four more years in...

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  • 'Voter turnout supports system's legitimacy'

    Faculty Council candidates take questions from the audience. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Feb 02, 2015

    Issues big and small were discussed at a hearing for Faculty Council candidates. Questions about scientific foundations were followed by comments about how to fill out a travel expenses sheet. What th...

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  • Candidates say how they will improve KTH

    Faculty Council nominees (from left) Katja Grillner, Per Berglund, Anna Delin, Mats Engwall, Johan Håstad Lars Nordström, Anna-Karin Tornberg, Mats Boij, Henrik Alfredsson (not pictured: Monica Lindgren). (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Feb 02, 2015

    This week, seven teachers will be voted onto the new Faculty Council. What are the candidates' pet issues? Campi asked the candidates why they are running and which issues they intend to prioritise ov...

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  • Climate problems – a question of justice

    Global environmental problems cannot be solved without taking social justice and distribution of resources into account, according to Sverker Sörlin. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Jan 30, 2015

    Researchers are warning that humanity has overstepped four out of nine boundaries for how much the earth can tolerate before we face dramatic climate change. Technical solutions alone are insufficient...

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  • Proposed Dean of Faculty puts emphasis on listening

    It is important for academic leaders to distinguish between the individual and the structure, says Katja Grillner, the proposed Dean of Faculty. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Jan 22, 2015

    Katja Grillner, Professor of Architecture, has been proposed as the new Dean of Faculty for KTH for the next four years. “An honour in many ways, it’s a great position of trust," she say of the news.

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  • Felling trees a step in wrong direction

    Published Jan 19, 2015

    Please rethink the decision to cut down the chestnut tree in front of the entrance building! To continue felling precious trees and reducing green spaces is contrary to KTH’s new Campus Plan. So write...

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