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  • KTH to help new arrivals get foot in IT job market

    Published Jun 08, 2016

    The KTH School of Computer Science and Communication has received funding from the Wallenberg Foundations to train new arrivals to Sweden who come from countries outside the EU to become employable in...

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  • The latest buzz on campus? A new hive of activity

    KTH's newest employees are busy making their first batch of honey. (Photo: David Callahan)
    Published May 20, 2016

    The latest employees at KTH have been busy from sunrise to sunset — literally buzzing with activity seven days a week. Their project? To produce some 10 kilos of honey by midsummer.

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  • 'Together we are critical mass'

    Emma Tegling, Elisabeth Liljeblad and Laila Ladhani organised the network for women PhDs. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published May 18, 2016

    At the School of Electrical Engineering (Elektro), women graduate students are in the minority in every department. But a network for women doctoral students provides them with support and inspiration...

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  • Plagiarism withdrawn, 8 years later

    Published May 02, 2016

    A scientific article which was stolen word for word from Swedish researchers, has finally been withdrawn, eight years after the plagiarism was discovered.

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  • High mobility among KTH researchers

    The diagram illustrates the backgrounds of researchers and teachers at Sweden’s ten largest universities in 2007/08 and 2013/14. The statistics include professors, associate professors, associate professors (or equivalent) and postdocs. Background information refers to the university where the doctoral degree was obtained. The figures come from Statistics Sweden which obtained the information from the Swedish Register of Universities and University Colleges and the Swedish Register of Education.
    Published Apr 21, 2016

    KTH is in pole position in Sweden in mobility among researchers, both among Swedish universities and across national boundaries, according to new figures from Statistics Sweden (SCB).

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  • A new department is born

    Dimitrios Zografos, Rudi Soares, Wei Li, Muhammad Hassan Fidai and Annica Johannesson discuss sustainable transport for the future. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Apr 13, 2016

    What would everyday life in Stockholm look like if electric vehicles handled all the transportation? The question engaged both researchers and administrative staff at a kick-off at the Department of E...

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  • KTH grows in Södertälje

    An artist's image of KTH's new campus in the Södertälje Science Park. (Illustration: White Arkitekter)
    Published Mar 03, 2016

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology took a symbolic step into the future last week, with the official groundbreaking ceremony at the site of its new campus in the Greater Stockholm city of Södertälje. T...

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  • Sigbritt Karlsson proposed as new KTH president

    Sigbritt Karlsson is set to become the next President of KTH. (Photo: Adam af Ekenstam)
    Published Feb 22, 2016

    She goes from Sweden's smallest university, Skövde, to the largest technical university in the Nordic region. Sigbritt Karlsson is proposed to become the new president of KTH Royal Institute of Techno...

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  • Brainstorm seeks opportunities for refugees at KTH

    No saying "no". That was the main rule witih the recent brainstorm activity aimed at finding ways to support refugees and bring them into the university. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Feb 16, 2016

    How can KTH become better at supporting and recruiting refugees in Sweden? Nearly a hundred students and staff attended a recent meeting at Open Lab to contribute their ideas in a high-energy brainsto...

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  • KTH's highest impact research of 2015

    Research from KTH made a big impact in scientific journals in 2015. (Photo: Tony Cenicola)
    Published Jan 25, 2016

    What research from KTH resounded the most worldwide in 2015? Biotechnological advances, followed by cross-disciplinary findings in climate research, were at the top of the list when researchers got to...

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  • Architects support migrants from Syria

    Architecture students Maja Hedvall and Aaron Heineman worked as volunteers for refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Jan 15, 2016

    What can an architect do to help with the influx of migrants on Lesbos? And how can architecture improve the situation for refugees? These were some of the questions raised during a support event at t...

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  • Researchers' guide to reaching out

    Peter Sjögärde, a bibliometrics analyst at KTH, is one of those who developed the guide. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Dec 17, 2015

    How do you get the best possible impact for your publication? KTH has produced an updated guide to help researchers.

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  • Project examines roadblocks in climate policy

    Karin Edvardsson Björnberg and Mikael Karlsson study the sluggish process of decision-making on climate policy. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Dec 01, 2015

    What's holding politicians back from acting on climate issues? Bureaucrats and science deniers are among those putting the brakes on a forward-looking science policy. The path from research to politic...

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  • What's behind measuring KTH's social impact?

    KTH contributes technological development and trains engineers, but how else does it impact on society? (Photo: Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez, Janne Danielsson, Jann Lipka)
    Published Nov 23, 2015

    What is KTH’s impact on social development? Technological innovations often leave a clear mark, but how about the researchers’ debate articles and their dedication as experts?

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  • Forging the socially responsible engineer

    Students, from left, Veronica Valeij, Johanna Turunen and Simon Wieslander discuss how technological progress impacts on different social groups. In the middle is instructor Elisabeth Ekener Petersen. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Nov 12, 2015

    Two cohorts of Mechanical Engineering students — about 180 students in all — are the first to follow a course in Social Sustainability at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

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  • A 'driving force' for equality

    Equality is a human rights issue, says Elisabeth Rachlew, physics professor at KTH. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Oct 26, 2015

    At the advanced age of 71, the Professor of Physics, Elisabeth Rachlew can look back on a professional career as a committed proponent – and troublesome inquisitor – of gender equality. Her career has...

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  • Researchers engage with grassroots activists

    Researchers Henrik Ernstson (left) and Erik Swyngedouw meet students and local activists in Kärrtorp. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Oct 19, 2015

    Now it’s the suburbs which are the crucible and theatre of new social movements. With this focus, researchers from KTH set up camp at Teater Reflex in the Stockholm district of Kärrtorp. International...

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  • KTH gets environmental certification

    Published Sep 17, 2015

    Now it’s down in black and white – last week the environmental certificate arrived showing that KTH Royal Institute of Technology is running systematic environmental work.

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  • Environmental group boosts bicyling

    Published Sep 17, 2015

    If you see more bikes on campus this year, you can give some credit to the efforts of the environmental group at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. With the beginning of classes last month, the group ...

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  • Check out the new Architecture School

    Published Sep 08, 2015

    Last week the new School of Architecture opened its doors to students. Take a virtual tour of the new premises that are designed to house more than 550 students. (Switch to full screen for the best ...

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