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  • Schools organization is reviewed

    Published Feb 23, 2017

    Two working groups will begin in the Spring looking into the pros and cons of a new schools organization. The results will form the basis for a planned integration of the schools.

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  • New Environmental Manager believes that we can do more

    Sustainability is about equality and social development as well as the environment, says Kristina von Oelreich. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Feb 22, 2017

    From curricula that contribute to sustainable development, to recycling and having more travel-free meetings, KTH’s new Environmental Manager Kristina von Oelreich wants to take a holistic approach to...

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  • The KTH research that made the greatest impact

    The ATLAS detector at CERN, where several particle physicists from KTH took part in experiments that attracted worldwide attention. (Photo: CERN)
    Published Feb 10, 2017

    Which KTH research made the greatest impact in the world last year? The search for the unknown universe of matter and studies on how the behaviour of the Sun affects our high-tech life on earth were a...

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  • Business trips need to be reduced

    Markus Robért, who investigated KTH staff’s travel habits, is himself a regular commuter by bike (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Feb 07, 2017

    What sort of environmental footprints do KTH’s travellers leave? Commuting to and from work has limited impact, but business travel leads to high emissions of greenhouse gases. If we are to achieve su...

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  • A hundred years of engineering

    The inauguration of the first buildings at the KTH campus in 1917. (Photo: Stockholm City Museum)
    Published Jan 30, 2017

    What does your story of KTH look like? Take the opportunity to contribute your own version as KTH Campus celebrates its centenary, which we will be celebrating in record-breaking fashion.

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  • IT training for new arrivals gets underway

    Ramsha Waseemuddin (left) and Shubha Rao are being given intensive training to become IT developers. (Photos: Marc Femenia)
    Published Jan 24, 2017

    Three months of unrelenting hard work await the 26 newcomers with academic backgrounds who will be given intensive training to become IT developers. As the course got underway at KTH, the participants...

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  • KTH a highlight for Obama

    Researchers Rachel Wreland Lindstrom (left) and Carina Lagergren (right) demonstrate to President Obama a mobile charger based on fuel cell technology. Looking on are Professor of Chemistry Göran Lindbergh and former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. (Photo: Peter Ardell)
    Published Jan 17, 2017

    Barack Obama's favourite trip as president was his stay in Stockholm, with KTH among the places that he visited. For scientists who met with the president the visit was a turning point.

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  • Swedish lessons at full speed

    Tasos Koutoulas and Viktoria Halltell meet at Restaurant Q for a language training session. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Dec 19, 2016

    Really good, interesting and effective. That’s what Ph.D. student Tasos Koutoulas thinks about KTH’s new intensive Swedish language course. A big plus is the language practice he gets through meetings...

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  • Playful teacher who gets it right

    To have an open communication about teaching is important to develop as a teacher, says Karin Odelius (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Dec 13, 2016

    Communication and playfulness are important elements when Karin Odelius teaches. Now the student union has given her the Teacher of the Year award.

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  • Equal leadership will improve KTH

    Published Dec 13, 2016

    The team around KTH’s President is now in place. Three new Vice Presidents with responsibility for gender equality, research and global development take up their posts from next month.

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  • Passionate about sustainable development

    Emma Strömberg has made great efforts to integrate sustainable development into KTH programmes. (Photo: Camilla Cherry)
    Published Nov 22, 2016

    Teachers' commitment rubs off on their students. To succeed there must be a change in teaching methods, says Emma Strömberg, who has been given this year’s KTH Teacher’s Prize.

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  • Now everyone can keep up

    Mikael Ersson uses his experience of his time as a student to develop his teaching methods. (Photo: Camilla Cherry)
    Published Nov 21, 2016

    How should we teach difficult, obscure subjects that only a few people can easily understand? For Mikael Ersson, keeping a moderately slow pace and taking on board his students' ideas has been the for...

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  • New research talents in place at KTH

    Zeynep Cetecioglu Gurol is one of the young researchers brought in by KTH in a bid to attract tomorrow's star researchers. (Photo: Camilla Cherry)
    Published Nov 03, 2016

    KTH's efforts to recruit young research talents have been successful. Highly qualified people are now in place. Chemistry researcher Zeynep Cetecioglu Gurol’s job is to find new ways of resource recov...

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  • Mikael Östling to be KTH’s Deputy President

    Mikael Östling has been appointed KTH Deputy President, with effect from 1 January 2017. (Photo: Camilla Cherry)
    Published Oct 18, 2016

    The University Board has appointed Mikael Östling, Professor of Solid State Electronics, to be Deputy President of the Royal Institute of Technology from January. “It’s a great honour and it feels wo...

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  • Gender-neutral course does the trick

    Published Oct 17, 2016

    More students have completed an introductory course in programming since it was presented in gender-neutral language. Now the researchers behind the change want to try and reshape other courses at KTH...

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  • Mikael Östling nominated as Deputy President

    Mikael Östling, a professor in solid state electronics, has been nominated as Deputy President of KTH Royal Institute of Technology. (Photo: Camilla Cherry)
    Published Sep 26, 2016

    Mikael Östling has been nominated as the new Deputy President of KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Östling comes to the role from his current position as a researcher and head of department at Kista ...

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  • Students examine KTH’s environmental track record

    KTH has a long way to go, according to students Tevfik Ektas and André Wassberg, who cast a critical eye over the environmental work being done on campus. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Sep 05, 2016

    KTH’s work towards creating a sustainable campus has recently been analysed in essays by two students. In the essays Tevfik Ektas and André Wassberg examine KTH’s energy usage and put the institute’s ...

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  • KTH opens new building at Flemingsberg

    Published Aug 29, 2016

    The School for Technology for Health’s new building has now opened its doors, strengthening hopes of increased collaboration.

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  • Call for gender awareness draws trolls

    Researcher Josefin Wangel is concerned that web trolls cause women to think twice about getting into scientific debates online. (Photo: Merc Femenia)
    Published Jun 14, 2016

    Two KTH students were subjected to massive criticism in a comments section and on Facebook after a debate article in which they called for courses in gender awareness for engineering students was publ...

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  • Great Prize goes to IT entrepreneur

    Stina Ehrensvärd is the winner of the 2016 KTH Great Prize.
    Published Jun 10, 2016

    Inventor and entrepreneur Stina Ehrensvärd is the reciepient of KTH's 2016 Great Prize, the university has announced.

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