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Get to know KTH’s latest professors

Published Sep 23, 2010

In a series of articles, Campi will be drawing attention to eight of this year’s new professors at KTH. The climax will be reached on 18th November when the event “Professors for the Future” will take place at KTH. This is when all employees will be invited to mingle and listen to what the professors have to say about their research areas.

All in all, a total of 22 researchers will be installed as professors at KTH this year. Their subject areas display a great diversity, everything from nuclear power and ground water chemistry via photonics and toxicological risk assessment to mathematics and medical technology.

Grouped within a few themes and during four sessions - “Clean technologies of the future”, “Pure and dirty math”, “Borderline chemistries” and “Knowledge valorisation strategies” the new professors will be introducing, presenting and discussing what they will be conducting research on in the future.

KTH’s President, Peter Gudmundson emphasises that the newly installed professors are a major asset - not just because of the research they will be doing. For example they are key players in KTH’s career system Tenure track, where one of the most important catchwords is equality.

“This year, four of the 22 new professors are women. This is an improvement compared to before, but in the long term we would like to have 50/50,” says Peter Gudmundson.

Very soon “Vision 2025” will be starting up, this is a project which Peter Gudmundson has initiated; its objective is to decide on a long-term vision for KTH which should be mapped out by September 2011.

“The newly installed professors will be of importance to KTH’s development towards the year 2025, and by then we will also see the results of today’s investments as regards assistant senior lecturers,” says Peter Gudmundson.

And there are many challenges KTH faces, according to Peter Gudmundson: What role will engineers play in the future? What sort of global challenges will we face? What role will KTH play in Sweden, Europe and the world? What new forms of cooperation can be created between KTH and society? In the work of answering these questions, these newly installed professors as well as the professors of the future will play an important role.

Keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming interviews about these professors. And do visit “Professor for the Future” on 18th of November, an event which you will find more information about by clicking on the link below.

Professors for the Future 18th November

Text: Peter Larsson