Hearing about the review of the KTH school organization

Published Jun 02, 2017

The work toward KTH's new school organization has reached the halfway mark, and two working groups have submitted their proposals. On June 14, President Sigbritt Karlsson will conduct a hearing for the staff.

What is the purpose of the hearing?
“The idea is to provide an opportunity for the presentation and discussion of the interim reports that have now been submitted to the President.

What do you hope to achieve?
“The hearing will provide an opportunity to pose questions, and to discuss and shed light on different aspects of the first reports from the two working groups that worked on the President’s order to submit recommendations on the integration of the schools.”

After these reports from the working groups, what is the process that follows?
“Proposals should be submitted in a final report by September 15. In the event that a number of proposals are submitted in the respective reports, the working groups will be tasked to work on one of the proposals.”

In addition to the President, those attending will be Deputy President Mikael Östling and the conveners of the working groups, Amelie Eriksson Karlström (BIO, CHE, STH) and Jens Zander (ICT, CSC, EES). The moderator is Åsa Ankarcrona, Head of Communications at KTH. The hearing will also be broadcasted live on the intranet.

Questions for the hearing may be submitted in advance, or they can be asked during the hearing. Click here for more information about hearing or to submit questions.

Text: Christer Gummeson

Read the reports (in Swedish) here

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