Administration to be reviewed

Published Nov 06, 2017

Following a decision by the President, a working group is to be set up to examine KTH’s administration and operational support.
“We want to make our processes more efficient and build optimal administrative support to develop KTH’s educational environment,” says President Sigbritt Karlsson.

Sigbritt Karlsson.

In other words, it is now the turn of KTH’s administration, centrally and locally in the schools. The move follows the review of the school structure carried out this year, which culminated in a new organisation in which ten schools will become five from 1 January 2018.

“This is the natural next step in the development of KTH as a seat of learning. With the way the schools are organised changing, operational support naturally needs to change too, to create a more consistent KTH at all levels. It must be easy for students and researchers to know their way around the operations and administrative processes, no matter to which school they belong.”

“Of course I have great faith in the administration and its experts, who are doing an excellent job, but in my view, reviewing operations at regular intervals is both natural and necessary.”

Besides streamlining the organisation, the review will involve creating a more consistent KTH and adapting operational support to the new school organisation, with fewer, and generally larger, schools.

The working group of twelve therefore includes the Heads of KTH’s five new schools.

“It can often be difficult to examine yourself and your own operations. In this case, we are starting out from the needs of users, in other words the schools. We are hoping to identify unnecessary bureaucracy and potential improvements that will release funds for operational use instead.”

The group’s mandate also involves examining earlier administrative surveys and reviews, including the Administrative Assessment Exercise AAE2014, to avoid reinventing the wheel.

The working group will survey needs and suggest changes. An initial report will be submitted on 1 February 2018 and the deadline for the final report is 1 May.

Text: Jill Klackenberg