ECE operations move to other schools

Published Oct 02, 2017

At the end of December, the School of Education and Communication in Engineering Science will cease to be a separate school. Instead, some of its activities will be moved to the School of Industrial Engineering and Management and the university administration.

“Learning and educational work is, of course, incredibly important at an institute of higher education such as KTH. However, for the work to be developed further, the activities need to form part of a larger environment that carries on research and education. KTH has the chance to be a leader in engineering science education based on the excellent foundations laid by the previous school,” says Sigbritt Karlsson in connection with the decision.

According to the President’s decision, a working group will take a closer look at the details and conditions for the relocation. The group will report on its work on 1 December 2017.

The President’s decision is based on the report presented on 15 September with a proposal for the future organisation of the School of Education and Communication in Engineering Science. Among other things, the report proposed that KTH Library become a department in the university administration as is proposed for KTH media production. The Science Education Centre, Vetenskapens Hus, will be integrated with KTH Business Liaison and an Academic Development Office will be set up as a link between management bodies and operational environments.

Decisions and reports

Text: Jill Klackenberg

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