Time for the 100th anniversary celebrations

Published Oct 13, 2017

Next week sees the start of Anniversary week on campus, with exhibitions, walks and loads of fascinating lectures in the Dome of Visions on Valhallavägen.

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The week, celebrating the 100th anniversary of KTH campus, starts relatively quietly on Monday. However, Tuesday is when it really gets going, with the start of one of the highlights, the seminar marathon.

From 1 pm on Tuesday, 100 KTH researchers, professors, lecturers and alumni will arrive at the Dome of Visions to exchange exciting stories about the university’s history, and its current and future research.

One of the speakers at the seminar marathon is the energy researcher Rebecka Engström, who is one of the initiators of Stormvarning Sverige, an organisation that wants to create platforms in which research, music and culture can meet in new ways. She is looking forward to meeting the audience in the Dome of Visions.

“It’s a fantastic idea and great to be involved. I also like the fact that the programme’s really diverse in its scope. The breadth of it gives us speakers a measure of freedom that is unusual in the world of research. It will be interesting to see how the other speakers approach their topics,” she says.

Smart engineering

Rebecka Engström’s research topics include how we can build sustainable cities by integrating various water, energy and land use systems.

“In this context, I will focus on the slightly bigger picture and talk about the advantages of taking a general look at how different societal systems affect each other. And, of course, how we can link them using smart engineering.”

One of the other speakers is Jan Scheffel, who will devote his 20 minutes in the Dome of Visions to talking about his research into fusion as an energy source, including the ITER fusion reactor that is being built in southern France in a project involving KTH researchers.

“My most important message is that fusion energy is needed as base power for the future as renewable energy is insufficient to permit a full transition to a fossil-free society,” he says.

“A great event”

“I will explain why fusion energy has taken such a long time to develop.. However, with the right resources and energy policy decisions, there is a credible international plan for the development of commercial power stations by 2050.”

Jan Scheffel thinks it will be exciting to present his “mix of physics, energy and energy policy” to the audience in the Dome of Visions – in a setting that is slightly unusual for a KTH researcher.

“It’s a great event, but more than just a bit of fun. It is also about us speakers as individuals talking about KTH in our own way. It should go really well because we have a lot to talk about.”

Text: Per-Ola Knutas

Facts: Anniversary week

The seminar marathon is the highlight of the Campus 100 week, which begins on Monday 16 October. The celebrations will include activities all over KTH. Here are some of the highlights:

  • App tour: The Campus 100 project group and the property owner Akademiska hus have developed a special app that provides a guide to the university area and its rich architectural history.
  • Exhibitions will be arranged at the entrance to KTH, in the main library and in the teaching building.
  • A light exhibition, with master’s degree students from the KTH Lighting Department, will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Art tours with KTH’s art guides, will take place at lunchtime on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Lab tours of KTH’s lab environments will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Operadax, led by conductor Gunnar Julin, will conclude the anniversary week with a concert on Nybrokajen.
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