• From Workshop to Academy

    Published Sep 22, 2017
    In the midst of a raging world war, KTH’s new campus was opened on Valhallavägen. The premises were tailor-made for engineering courses, with firm roots in craftsmanship-related traditions. The aim was to develop in a more academic direction.

  • Decision about reorganisation of schools imminent

    Published Sep 20, 2017
    In two weeks, the President is expected to announce that KTH’s academic activities will be concentrated in five schools instead of the current ten. This will create clearer points of entry to KTH as a place of learning and better conditions for the continued development of a strong educational environment, explains President Sigbritt Karlsson.

  • KTH degrees rank high on job market

    Published Sep 14, 2017
    A degree from KTH is valuable currency on the job market, a new survey shows. KTH is ranked 94th best university in the world in QS Graduate Employability Rankings, which measures students' chances of getting jobs.

  • Researchers celebrate around the clock

    Published Sep 04, 2017
    The speakers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology seminar marathon have now been announced. The marathon will be held during the anniversary week in October that celebrates the 100th year founding of the university campus. “It will be a very interesting programme that demonstrates the full breadth and depth of the whole of KTH,” says Donnie SC Lygonis, who will host the seminar marathon.

  • Heads of School to be appointed in September

    Published Aug 31, 2017
    As a result of the decision to reorganise the schools, with six of KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s schools possibly becoming two, all Heads of School and Deputy Heads of School and the Vice Dean of the architecture programme have had their appointments extended until 31 December this year. At the end of September, the President is expected to appoint the Heads of School who will take up their posts in January.

  • Always available – even when on holiday?

    Published Jun 27, 2017
    Holidays, time off and nice moments in the sun. Or constantly checking work emails so as not to miss something important? We asked a researcher of working life to provide some tips regarding getting away from work this summer.

  • Halfway to a new school organisation

    Published Jun 20, 2017
    Why do the schools have to be merged? Can’t we just cooperate over school boundaries? And isn’t there a risk that we will lose momentum by devoting time and energy to reorganisation? These were some of the questions that were raised during a hearing about the change in the school organisation.

  • Student life today – and 60 years ago

    Published Jun 16, 2017
    Cecilia Molinder will finish her degree project this summer. By then, 60 years will have elapsed since Sigvard Bahrke was awarded his degree. When the student of the 1950s meets the student of the 2010s, the conversation touches on everything from desperately looking for accommodation and exam stress to union work, cap buttons and a revolution.

  • KTH among world’s top 100

    Published Jun 12, 2017
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology has been ranked 98th best seat of learning in the world in the QS World University Rankings. This is more or less the same result as last year, when KTH came 97th.

  • Hearing about the review of the KTH school organization

    Published Jun 02, 2017
    The work toward KTH's new school organization has reached the halfway mark, and two working groups have submitted their proposals. On June 14, President Sigbritt Karlsson will conduct a hearing for the staff.

  • New arrivals find jobs after IT course

    Published May 24, 2017
    The participants on the IT course for new arrivals to Sweden provided by KTH have graduated and are now ready for a job market that is hungry for programmers. Aiham Alkaseer hadn’t even finished the course when he was snapped up by IT consultant Xlent.

  • KTH among the best at internationalisation

    Published May 12, 2017
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology receives top marks for its work on internationalisation. The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, STINT, has awarded five stars and a plaque to three Swedish seats of learning – with KTH being among them.

  • The perfect PhD student?

    Published May 08, 2017
    Productive and contributing to growth. That’s the image of the ideal PhD student. But how is it affecting research as a whole? Researchers are warning of the risk that research that generates results in the longer term will be forced to take a back seat.

  • Demonstration in support of facts and science

    Published Apr 19, 2017
    Do you want to help counter the spread of fake news and resistance to facts? On Saturday, 22 April, people will gather in Stockholm and in other cities around the world to hold the March for Science, a celebration of science.

  • KTH solves researchers housing problems

    Published Apr 10, 2017
    Each year around 1,500 people come from abroad to work at KTH. Due to the strained housing situation in Stockholm finding a place to stay might pose a problem. KTH Relocation help foreign researchers to find accommodation and with things they need to know in order to settle in Stockholm and Sweden. Hear Roman Iakymchuk and Ali Elshaari tell their story.

  • The art of training engineers

    Published Apr 05, 2017
    Arnold Pears is KTH’s first ever professor in the engineering subject of didactics. Through his research, Pears hopes to further develop training for engineers and to change the perception of the profession so that more people see themselves as tomorrow’s engineers.

  • Working groups review school organisation

    Published Mar 23, 2017
    Six of KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s schools may be merged to form two larger schools. This according to a decision made by the KTH President, for a planned integration of the schools. The aim is to strengthen the organisation and create closer collaboration between related subject areas, particularly in education. The planning work for the reorganisation has now started at the schools concerned.

  • Making KTH buildings environmentally-friendly

    Published Mar 15, 2017
    To construct environmentally-certified buildings with the least possible impact on the environment depends on the objectives of the property owners. But there is much to gain for all parties from buildings that have a proper environmental investment, as shown by a recent study on environmental management in the construction and real estate sector.

  • Researchers practise Swedish at lunchtime

    Published Mar 07, 2017
    One hour a week when you only get to speak Swedish. That is the purpose of KTH's new language café for employees who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue. “This is a good chance for me to really focus on Swedish – I need more of these opportunities,” says Jamie Rinder, one of the participants.

  • Schools organization is reviewed

    Published Feb 23, 2017
    Two working groups will begin in the Spring looking into the pros and cons of a new schools organization. The results will form the basis for a planned integration of the schools.

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