• Save food at KTH

    Published Mar 08, 2018
    Would you like to help make sure less food is thrown away? KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s campus has the potential to become best in the world at reducing food waste. A group of researchers led by Annika Carlsson Kanyama has received funding to produce an app that is to save food from being thrown in the bin.

  • Freer examinations inspire students

    Published Feb 23, 2018
    New knowledge via podcasts and brochures – instead of traditional reports. This was the result when a group of Master’s students got to choose the form in which to present their project work.

  • Central or local support, that is the question

    Published Feb 14, 2018
    The balance between a central and local approach, work overloads and unclear assignments. These are some of the issues raised in a progress report about the review of administration and operational support. “The workload on certain departments is very concerning,” says President Sigbritt Karlsson.

  • New pedagogical approach in Södertälje

    Published Feb 02, 2018
    Educational environments that inspire new ways of thinking are one of the ambitions of KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s new campus in Södertälje. “It feels exciting and bodes well for the future,” says teacher Alexander Engström, who has tried out the new classrooms and workshops.

  • Proposals to increase rights

    Published Jan 26, 2018
    KTH’s management is well aware of the problems surrounding researchers, says Dean of Faculty Katja Grillner. The Faculty Council has therefore established a working group that has completed an investigation and come up with several suggestions as to how to improve the situation.

  • Researchers want more influence

    Published Jan 26, 2018
    Researchers and research engineers at KTH have joined forces to improve their conditions. Mireia Altimira and Yolanda Hedberg are particularly keen to boost their influence.

  • New quality assurance system for KTH

    Published Jan 24, 2018
    KTH is introducing a new system to ensure the quality of its courses. The new system is significantly more thorough than its predecessor. “It imposes ambitious requirements with regards to education initiatives, while providing us with good opportunities to continue to develop our courses,” says Per Berglund, Vice Dean of Faculty.

  • KTH aims for the top

    Published Dec 18, 2017
    How can KTH establish itself as a leading technical university? A new development plan, decided by the university board, sets out the direction of the work for the next six years.

  • Researchers aim to reduce food waste

    Published Dec 08, 2017
    Deal with the food that is discarded but ensure less food is wasted in the first place. Researchers Greger Henriksson and Annika Carlsson-Kanyama have lots of ideas about how KTH Royal Institute of Technology can improve its environmental performance. Join them on a visit to a model waste storage room and another where there’s room for improvement.

  • PhD students trained to make an impact

    Published Nov 28, 2017
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology wants research to have an impact on society. It’s a mindset that the PhD students need to get to grips with, says Tobias Oechtering, head of impact at the School of Electrical Engineering, which offers the course ‘From research to impact’.

  • Lecturers who listen

    Published Nov 28, 2017
    One is being recognised for her inspiring teaching and the other for his ability to create a wonderfully positive climate for study. Tina Karrbom Gustavsson and Patric Jensfelt are this year’s recipients of the KTH Pedagogical Prize.

  • Few are reporting sexual harassment

    Published Nov 23, 2017
    So far this year, just one report of sexual harassment at a university has been received by the Discrimination Ombudsman, DO. “That doesn’t mean that we don’t have a problem at universities. By the time a case reaches us, it’s gone quite far,” explains Olle Andersson Brynja, DO investigator.

  • “One case is one too many”

    Published Nov 22, 2017
    At KTH we have zero tolerance of all forms of harassment and infringement, says Annica Fröberg, Director of Personnel. “One case is one too many. I hope that MeToo will help encourage more people to react and take a stand.”

  • MeToo – but what now?

    Published Nov 22, 2017
    “Not in the least bit surprised”, or “Surely this kind of thing doesn’t happen to my friends?” Consternation, anger and recognition. The reactions vary, but no-one is left unaffected. MeToo breaks down a taboo and shines the spotlight on gender inequality.

  • Administration to be reviewed

    Published Nov 06, 2017
    Following a decision by the President, a working group is to be set up to examine KTH’s administration and operational support. “We want to make our processes more efficient and build optimal administrative support to develop KTH’s educational environment,” says President Sigbritt Karlsson.

  • New perspective after 100th anniversary

    Published Oct 24, 2017
    A campus art walk, an exclusive guided tour of KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s laboratories and night-time seminars in the Dome of Visions. We followed our colleague Erica-Dawn Egan for one day – and night – during anniversary week.

  • Anniversary week kicks off in Dome of Visions

    Published Oct 18, 2017
    Yesterday marked the start of the seminar marathon, the highlight of the anniversary week in which KTH’s campus is celebrating 100 years. “The laying of the foundations of the KTH campus and the university’s evolution go hand in hand with Sweden’s development into an industrial nation,” said President Sigbritt Karlsson in her inaugural address for the anniversary.

  • Time for the 100th anniversary celebrations

    Published Oct 13, 2017
    Next week sees the start of Anniversary week on campus, with exhibitions, walks and loads of fascinating lectures in the Dome of Visions on Valhallavägen.

  • Researchers trapped in a vicious circle

    Published Oct 05, 2017
    Women are less likely to receive recognition for their research, according to a study at KTH. They are side-lined by the funding system and risk becoming trapped in a vicious circle.

  • New organization prepares KTH for the future

    Published Oct 02, 2017
    “Now we can start to work specifically towards creating an even better educational environment at KTH, with a more efficient, clearer organisational structure.” These are the comments of Sigbritt Karlsson, KTH’s President, following the decisions she has made about the new school organisation of KTH which will take effect in the new year.

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