Our consumption is the crucial question for a sustainable society, according to the Environmental researcher Karin Bradley (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)

Open online courses reach thousands

Threat or opportunity for Sweden’s universities? When the first MOOCs, open online courses, started at KTH two years ago, opinion was divided.
“Today we emphasise the opportunities. We have reached more than 28,000 course participants from 150 countries and we see MOOCs as a tool in KTH’s necessary digital transformation,” says Linda Barman, project manager of KTH MOOC.

Operational support for one KTH

Fewer departments, a single management team for operational support for research and education, and a separate President’s staff office. This is the framework set out in the proposal for a new administration structure for KTH – an organisation that will help to create a more cohesive KTH.

Hard-fought victory to keep foundation year programme

There has been some uncertainty surrounding the future of preparatory programmes for higher education and KTH Royal Institute of Technology has been working hard to keep its foundation year programme. The government recently came up with a motion that gives it the green light. Per Berglund, Vice Dean of Faculty, says: “It’s very good. It really feels like a victory.”

Stricter requirements for managing personal data

Clearer, more uniform and more transparent. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) contains stricter and to some extent new requirements for managing personal data. Work is currently underway at KTH Royal Institute of Technology on adapting and strengthening existing systems. A web-based distance learning programme will also provide KTH staff with tools to deal with the new rules.

Music and technology in a festive combination

The campus will be swinging on 3–9 September, when the Music Tech Fest international music and technology festival comes to KTH. The event will also be enhanced by the inclusion of the Tekla festival for girls.

There is a greater than expected demand for Swedish language for foreign students at KTH, according to Rebecca Hincks and Björn Kjellgren's investigation.

The first step towards self-driving campus bus transport

Self-driving minibuses run on energy from their passengers – will this be how students and staff will be moving across the campus in a few years’ time? 

Bosse Olofsson’s ability to inspire and motivate students has earned him yet another Teacher of the Year award. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)

The man whose courses are creating a buzz

Through his open courses on the internet, Stefan Nilsson reaches thousands of people all around the world who have an interest in his subject, computer science.

We need a sharper admission system, says Stefan Östlund, Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)

Save food at KTH

A group of researchers has received funding to produce an app that is to save food from being thrown in the bin.

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