Our consumption is the crucial question for a sustainable society, according to the Environmental researcher Karin Bradley (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)

Researchers practise Swedish at lunchtime

One hour a week when you only get to speak Swedish. That is the purpose of KTH's new language café for employees who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue.

Working groups review school organisation

Six of KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s schools may be merged to form two larger schools. This according to a decision made by the KTH President, for a planned integration of the schools. The planning work for the reorganisation has now started at the schools concerned.

A hundred years of engineering

What does your story of KTH look like? Take the opportunity to contribute your own version as KTH Campus celebrates its centenary, which we will be celebrating in record-breaking fashion.

The art of training engineers

Arnold Pears is KTH’s first ever professor in the engineering subject of didactics. Through his research, Pears hopes to further develop training for engineers and to change the perception of the profession so that more people see themselves as tomorrow’s engineers.

Business trips need to be reduced

What sort of environmental footprints do KTH’s travellers leave? Commuting to and from work has limited impact, but business travel leads to high emissions of greenhouse gases. If we are to achieve sustainability goals there needs to be a shift in the perception of how and why we travel.

Bosse Olofsson’s ability to inspire and motivate students has earned him yet another Teacher of the Year award. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)

Making KTH buildings environmentally-friendly

Property owners benefit from taking a stronger interest in making a proper environmental investment in new buildings and renovations, according to Nils Brown.

We need a sharper admission system, says Stefan Östlund, Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)

IT training for new arrivals gets underway

Three months of unrelenting hard work await the 26 newcomers with academic backgrounds who will be given intensive training to become IT developers.

There is a greater than expected demand for Swedish language for foreign students at KTH, according to Rebecca Hincks and Björn Kjellgren's investigation.

Environmental Manager believes that we can do more

Sustainability is about equality and social development as well as the environment, says Kristina von Oelreich.

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